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Wien: Vienna

August 27, 2018



The national library or bibliotek, an odd choice to visit is great to decompress after a fabulous meal or before drinks. 



Vienna is a place of fantasy. Strolling down the street is as precious as standing in front of a masterpiece that ensnares your being for a wonderful second or requests your revisit because once is just not enough. A great mix of contemporary and the classic in every form makes you think about what catches your eye now and what has been for eternity.  


Some of my best memories begin at a suite at the Park Hyatt. A glamorous hotel in the heart of everything. Walk through the square to see small and large stores interspersed with restaurants and bars. Stop buy a gelateria and you will be transformed to your childhood in this fantastical Disneyland. 



Restaurants :


Tian a vegetarian restaurant with outposts in vienna and Munich has concoctions seasonally. Tian also has a more casual bistro for when you dont want to make a reservation. 


Fabios is a great time for dinner with friends or family. Trendy, great food and fabulous drinks. 


For the real Viennese tea experience, Demel is a great tea room but forever has a line for tables. Another classic is the Sacher hotel tea room and digging into a Sacher Torte. 


Stiererek one of my favorite restaurants is in the middle of a park and serves glorious delights. If you do make a visit, be sure to buy a bottle of their delicious marmalade.  


Stores :


Interspersed with wonderful home stores, my all time favorite is Augarten Wien. A wonderful place to find crockery of enormous character. Flirty and intelligent pieces that will always start a conversation at a table. I forever leave it wanting to purchase just another set for the table. 


Curiosities :


If you have never heard of the austoducks, they are the most brilliant rubber ducks and a collectors item. These rubber ducks represent the greats of all time. Very fun and a great as a souvenir. 


Manner is not just for those with a sweet tooth. Its a delicious snack and comes in a variety of flavors. The shop also has mini flavored liquors that are so very tasty.  





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